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Water Softening Benefits

Home water softener systems treat hard water in your home by removing calcium, magnesium, and sediment from the water. Once those hard water-producing elements are eliminated, your family will enjoy these soft water benefits:

Reduced build-up of film on tubs, sinks, faucets and wall tiles. Elimination of spotting on glassware, dishes and flatware caused by hard water. Whiter and brighter laundry, while using up to 50% less detergent.
Exclusion of hard water residue in fabrics, which can help clothing last longer. Reduced scale build-up in pipes, and up to 29% lowered energy consumption of your water heater due to reduced scale build-up. Preserve the life of your water using appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and coffee makers. Decreased amount of cleaning agents and excess water going down the drain and back into your community’s groundwater and/or water system. How to Choose a Water Softener for Your Home

With all the home water purification systems – including salt-free residential water softeners – that are on the market, how do you decide what is right for your home? Be sure to compare water softeners based on your home’s water and your family’s water usage. An authorized EcoWater Pro can diagnose your water and recommend the best option for your home.

Eco Safe Water offers home water softeners in a single tank cabinet style or a two-tank system. Which is right for your home? Consider the amount of space available for the system, plus the hardness of your water. Your Eco Safe Water Pro can give you expert advice on the benefits of a single versus two-tank system based on the results of your water test.

Drinking Water Purification Systems

The quality of your home’s drinking water may meet local standards, but it might not meet your own. Ordinary tap water can contain dissolved metals, including lead and iron. It might contain nitrates, chlorine and mineral salts. Your tap water could also contain other undesirable substances such as sulfates, mercury, asbestos and arsenic. Fortunately, you can get cleaner, clearer drinking water with an Eco Safe Water drinking water purification system, which produces water ideal for:


Coffee and tea


Ice cubes

Baby formula

Juice concentrates

House plants

Steam irons

Eco Safe Water offers a variety of reverse osmosis water systems. An R/O drinking water system uses a thorough process that pushes water through multiple filters and sheds dissolved solids along the way. These systems will help improve your water, leaving bad odors and taste behind while preserving your faucet’s water pressure.

An Eco Safe Water drinking water filtration system is more convenient and less costly than buying bottled water. Best of all, it pays for itself over time and makes a difference you will notice every day. Your Eco Safe Water Pro can determine the filtration system that best suits your needs.

Problem Water Filters Systems

Whether your water comes from a private well or a municipal water supply, one thing is clear, the water in every home is unique. Older pipes, a water main break, and even the distance your water travels before it reaches your home can introduce additional contaminants into the water you consume. A water test is necessary to learn if your home’s water has some additional issues that need treatment.

Eco Safe Water has designed and engineered a broad spectrum of state-of-the-art filters considered to be the best on the market to deal with households with water contamination issues. Easy to see contaminants such as iron, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide can be eliminated by using our iron water filter system.

We have found undetectable contaminants such as arsenic, microbiologicals and pharmaceuticals in homes before, and our hydrogen sulfide water filter provides the perfect solution if these contaminants were found.

Whether you’ve noticed one indication or several, or whether you haven’t noticed a problem but you want to find out for sure, an Eco Safe Water Pro can perform an easy and comprehensive in-home water analysis and has access to professional water chemistry labs. Contact your local Eco Safe Water Pro for a free water test and learn about the water in your home, and to get a solution customized to meet your needs.


I recently purchased a eco-water treatment system, extremely happy with the unit, very knowledgeable technicians and great customer service. Highly recommended!!!

Jessica B., Romeoville, IL

Very happy with our new water systems. The installers were polite & did a wonderful job.

Connie G., Manhattan, IL

It's so nice to have clean, safe water. We purchased an 3700 series conditioner, an iron filter and a drinking water unit. What a difference! We should have done this years ago. The technicians were very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions.

Doug B., Crete, IL